Extraordinary people working together on pushing the limits

World class experts – hard working, curious and open minded

The essence of IT industry is people. Capable people who create software, design and come up with perfect solutions. Once you meet the right ones you become certain about your next big success. We’re always excited to impress clients with our talent ;)


Everyone in our team is a senior developer that can build a whole project by themselves. Great companies depend on our expertise for their important projects.

Domain Knowledge
  • ecommerce
  • fintech
  • healthcare
  • other
  • fortune 500
  • outsource
  • startups
  • other
  • web
  • machine learning
  • blockchain
  • other
  • node.js
  • php
  • go
  • other

Meet our team

Core experts at Avice that were born to build a team
around them

Sergey K.
System architect

More then 10 years of experience in web development makes no task a challenge. Last few years is working on various machine learning techniques.

Victor S.
Marketing expert

Every good designer at some point understands that it's actually all about marketing and look is just a part of it. This person is a reason why we take a business-first approach.

Yuri K.
Front-End Developer

He loves implementing creative ideas from our designers. Master at HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Canvas, Three.js. As for enterprise solutions well-structured single page applications are a breeze.

Alex K.
Front-End Developer

Passion to make the web a better place is what drives him. He has extensive experience in creative interactive user interfaces that increases user satisfaction and conversion.

Sergey D.
Full Stack Developer

One man army that can build every app by himself. Favorited technology stack - Laravel, Vue.js, MySQL, ElasticSearch.

Elena G.
Product Manager

She foresees the issues that lie ahead when building a project. With a firm touch she makes sure that development process runs smoothly.

Tina X.
SEO/SMM Expert

Sales are the most important thing for your business. With 12 years of experience she guaranties that you get the best conversion possible.