Machine Learning


Power your product with artificial intelligence

Once Your Product

is launched and growing fast you’re seeking new ways to optimize it and make more profit. We apply cutting edge Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to develop heavy data driven applications, so you get relevant information from large amount of data.

Image Recognition

Need to compare user photo to his ID automatically? No problem – we can even take into account age difference between the two. Both facial and object recognition are common tasks this days.


Predictive Models

How the stock will react to changes? We can build adaptive prediction models to complex factor combinations to assist you in sharp decision making. Applying multiple statistical techniques to foresee unknown events.


Data Structuring

Lots of data but no meaning? Using deep learning networks we can structure your data do assist in analytics and suggestion process, so you get more value out of it.


Natural Language Processing

Customer support is struggling on a big scale? Analyze twitter feeds, implement chat bots, keep track of customer satisfaction. We can help you make sense of English texts on a scale.


Decision Making

What would be the best treatment for this person? Augmenting AI to assist in crucial decision making process, providing the data behind the end decision to help better understand the solution. We will help you make the best choice when responsibility is high.

Our experience

We are not some mad academics talking future of technology, while we do not position ourselves as AI company we are always excited to implement such things into successful products of our clients. We have experience in implementing facial recognition into surveillance systems to ensure better customer service, and much more – you can see for yourself:

Prescription Doctor
Decision making for doctors giving out prescriptions
Personal chat bot to assist you on the service
Advanced GIS analytics - data mining and data structuring

Technology behind it

Building a bicycle is always a bad thing. We use best technologies out there to build our solutions for your complicated tasks, depending on your needs.


As well as integrating and
extending the APIs:

IBM Watson