Launched our brand new website

For last two month we've been working on the website you're on right now. It took some major creativity and inspiration to achieve this masterpiece.

It's a Vue.js single page application with canvas animations. We've tried Nuxt.js as a boilerplate and it proved to be perfect for the development process.

Negotiations with Republic of Congo Ministery of Land Affairs.

We've started negotiations with Republic of Congo Ministery of Land Affairs and Public Domain. They need to implement a land cadastre on nation scale. We'll start with a single region and then move further.

The first issue in Republic of Congo is that country borders are not actually fixed and to solve that problem we will need to map them with exact GPS coordinates. After that we need to proceed with private property to create new economic opportunities for the developing country.

Healthcare e-commerce solution is launched

Our huge healthcare e-commerce project is in production stage now. First day and we already see that it's converting - first order was done 30 minutes after the launch.

We know that this is only a start and there's a long road ahead of adapting and impoving the website, but the start is already very good.

Business trip to our Swedish partners

We were very happy to visit Stockholm to work on Diretto startup. The city is lovely and people are just amazing.

Two workshops were conducted - technical and focus group collaboration with the users. The input was very productive and we'll impove this project even more now.

Partnered up with Financial Services Volunteer Corps

Looking forward to a benefitial partnership with FSVC - we've presented to them our vision on solutions they desperatly need and they were very impressed.

We'll start with a brand new website and provide intranet solutions to make their opperations more efficient.